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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Found Haiku 1

I am starting a new section called Found Haiku. It's like found sounds or found art only it's with words. Okay, so it's just a derivative of found poetry and the idea's not mine. My good friend Peter introduced me to the concept. He got most of his material from television commercials. His Haikus were beautiful, surreal commentaries on pop culture, consumerism, and modern life. Plus, they were funny.

I am going to take my found haikus from the Internet, mostly from blogs to begin with. There will be a few simple rules:

1. I must credit the original author.
2. I can remove words from the original copy.
3. I can not add words or change their order.

The first found haiku is from a site called Far Far Away by a woman who calls herself Flowerful. Just from those two facts you can tell she'd be a rich source for found haikus. Let's saver her name for a moment: Flowerful. Ah! That's truly beautiful. I recommend visiting her site. It's all pink and she talks about crying a lot. I confess to having a little crush on her. Her picture's so cute. Anyway, I digress. Here is the haiku I found at her site:

The golden weekends
are almost gone. Monday - I
don't want to meet you.

Click on the period at the end of the haiku to see where the lines originally came from.


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