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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Society and Freedom after a Big Sushi Dinner

They have these wonderful sushi bars in Korea. You sit at a lunch counter with everything build in: a little cubby hole for dishes and teacups, jars of wasabi and soy sauce, chopsticks and soup spoons, and a hot water fountain for making green tea. Dozens of plates of different sushi pass by on a conveyor belt in front of you. The plates are each color-coded: red is 1,500 won, blue is 2,000 won, green 2,500, and gold 3,000. You pull off the plates as they pass and the chef behind the counter makes another and places it on the conveyor. The dishes keep coming, revolving in front of you. Salmon rolls toped with onion and creamed horseradish, sweet smoked eel wrapped in seaweed paper, lobster salad on a rice ball covered with caviar. At the end of the meal, the waitress adds up the plates according to color and you pay for what you've eaten. The miso soup and green tea is free. Jiyeoun and I went tonight for dinner: yum.


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