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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Talim Passes

Radar Map of Taiwan at 12PM Local Time

The buzz of rain has been replaced by the howl of wind and even that is slowly quieting. We opened the doors and windows in the house to let the strong, warm wind sweep through the house. It's a nice feeling.

The view out our bedroom window this morning.

We slept through the worst of the rain last night and woke up to the rattle of windowpanes and the rustling of trees. The rain as completely subsided. The south-central area of Taiwan is still getting some precipitation. But, by this afternoon there should be nothing left of Kelim.

Precipitation Map of Taiwan at 12PM Local Time

Everyone is home. Jiyeoun prepared breakfast and Ceilo is cooking lunch. I've been reading the news online and doing laundry. It's a lazy, sleepy day. It's nice.


Blogger apple said...

This year 2012, according to the news in Weather Philippines, there is also a typhoon named Talim that will hit the Philippines. After that it will go to the other countries like Taiwan and Japan. SO there's a chance that this typhoon might hit you again.

9:51 AM


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