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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Fortuitous Wind Down

Finals are winding down. I completed a U.N. simulation on Tuesday, finished my final paper for Modern Korean History and Culture on Wednesday, and took an exam in Media and International Relations on Thursday. My last paper for Introduction to Feminist Theory is due Wednesday. It’s going to be a low-key kind of thing continuing with the Korean screen quota theme.

I posted the Political Economy of the Korean Screen Quota below. It was my final paper for Modern Korean History and Culture. Some version of it will probably end up as part of the introduction to my thesis. The timing is fortuitous. The screen quota issue has returned to the front pages of Korean newspapers after a year out of the spotlight following comments by Culture and Tourism Minister Lee Chang-dong that it was time for the quotas to be reduced. This prompted a flurry of coverage and commentaries in South Korea’s major dailies: Chosun, JoongAng Daily, Korea Times, Ohmynews.

Quota of Frustration From Oct. 21, 2003 Chosun Ilbo by Shin Kyong-mu

"Outside Cheong Wa Dae, movie industry people rally against President Roh's plan to loosen the screen quota, holding signs that say 'Strongly Against Loosening the Screen Quota' and chanting 'Roh, watch your back.' Off to the side are three staunch supporters of both Roh and the protection of the movie industry: the celebrities Myeong Gye-nam and Moon Seong-geun and Culture Minister Lee Chang-dong. The protesters say, 'What, you're not coming with us?' The three mutter, 'This is driving me crazy.'"
You can read my analysis of the screen quota system from 1982-2002 and its effect on the Korean share of the domestic movie market. I looked at the actors involved in the screen quota conflict, divided them into pro and anti screen quota factions, reviewed their positions, and then explained thier effects on the decline and rise of the Korean share of domestic movie market. I find market share was directly related to changes in the aggregate power of each faction. The paper is a hoot. Enjoy.


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