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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Update on International Aid for Hurricane Katrina

The Washington Post ran a story, "Rice: U.S. Receiving Offers of Hurricane Aid From Around the Globe." In part, the piece says that "59 countries and organizations" have offered aid to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The list includes "poor countries such as El Salvador, Armenia, the Philippines and India" and "countries with which the United States has no relations or poor relations, such as Cuba and Venezuela." The article also quotes Rice as expressing her "heartfelt thanks" to all nations for demonstrating solidarity and saying, "Every offer is important.... We've turned down no offers."

I still think Bush's comment regarding international aid for Katrina's victims, which sent me off on a rant in my last post, was stupid. But, I am happy to see the confusion dispelled. The people around Bush are smarter than he is. Rice said what her boss should have: "Recently, we have seen the American people respond generously to help others around the globe during their times of distress, such as during the recent tsunami.... Today, we are seeing a similar urgent, warm and compassionate reaction from the international community in response to Katrina."
Thank you international community. We appreciate your support.


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